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The Working Springer Spaniel
by Keith Erlandson
SJ Book Review
HC, 242 pp, b/w photos

Professional Gundog Training:
The Trade Secrets by Joe Irving
SJ Book Review
HC, 192 pp, color photos throughout

Grouse Hunter's Guide
by Dennis Walrod
HC, 192 pp, 50 photos


Redemption: The Myth of
Pet Overpopulation and the No Kill
Revolution in America by Nathan J. Winograd
SJ Article - special price $15.00

The New Better Behaviour in Dogs
by William E. Campbell
SC, 288 pp, illustrated


Hunting Ducks and Geese
Second Edition - by Steve Smith
SJ Book Review
PB, 160 pages, 44 b/w photos

The Better Shot
Step by Step Shotgun Technique
with Holland and Holland
by Ken Davies
HC, 136 pp, 150 color ills.

Modern Pheasant Hunting
2nd edition by Steve Grooms
PB, 224 pp, 75 b&w photos

The Great Shoots
by Brian P. Martin
HC, 288 pp, color photos throughout

Shooting for Beginners
by Graham Downing
PB, 160 pp, 188 color photos
28 b/w photos

The Health of Your Dog
by John Bower & David Youngs
HC, 240 pp, illustrated


Your Sick Dog: A Dog Owner's Guide
to Understanding and Managing
Breeding, Illness & Injury
by Nico Maritz, BVSc. MCVS
SJ Book Review
HC, 260 pp, 50 b/w photos & 40 illus.

The Highland Game
Life on Highland Sporting Estates
by Glyn Satterley
SJ Book Review
PB, 136 pp, 120 b/w photos

A Rough-Shooting Dog
by Charles Fergus
NEW Edition! SJ Book Review
PB, 234 pp, drawings

A Shooting Man's Creed
by Sir Joseph Nickerson
HC, 264 pp, b/w photos

A Hunter's Book of Days
by Charles Fergus
SJ Book Review
HC, 176 pp, 6 b/w illust.

Training the Roughshooter's Dog
by P.R.A. Moxon
SJ Book Review
HC, 158 pp, 16 pp of b/w photos

Gundogs; Training and Field Trials
by P.R.A. Moxon
SJ Book Review
HC, 148 pp, 16 color pp

Gundog Training
by Keith Erlandson
SJ Book Review
HC, 254 pp, 16 pp b/w photos, 12 diagrams

Voices on the Wind
by C Stanley Mason
SJ Book Review
HC, 179 pp

Rough Shooting, 3rd Edition
by Mike Swan
SJ Book Review
HC, 176 pp, 70 b/w photos

Pheasant Tales:
Original Stories About America's
Favorite Game Bird
by various writers
HC, 192 pp, 13 b/w illus.

Problem Gun Dogs
How to Identify and Correct Their Faults
by Bill Tarrant
SJ Book Review
PB, 192 pages, 82 b/w photos

Waterfowl Identification
by Richard LeMaster
SJ Book Review
PB, 76 pp, 400 color photos,
25 drawings

Hey Pup, Fetch It Up!
The Complete Retriever Training Book
by Bill Tarrant
HC, 512 pp, 456 photos, drawings


How To Hunt Birds With Gun Dogs
by Bill Tarrant
PB, 192 pages, 94 b/w photos


Successful Shotgunning
How to Build Skill in the Field
and Take More Birds in Competition
by Peter Blakeley
HC, 240 pp, 119 b/w photos, 30 ills.

Breaking Clays: Target Tactics, Tips & Techniques
by Chris Batha
SJ Book Review
HC, 188 pp, illustrated

Heart Shots: Women Write About Hunting
Mary Zeiss Stange, editor
SJ Book Review
HC, 352 pp, 14 b/w photos, 11 drawings

Pheasant Shooting
by David Hudson
HC, 192 pp, color photos

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