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Spaniel Kennels, Trainers and Suppliers Directory

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Aussie Truffle Dogs - breeding puppies specifically for the truffle industry, training packages available, contract harvester available for the retrieval of your truffle crops. Together we have over 50 years dog training/breeding experience. Lisa Blackwell, Shaye Metcalf and Georgie Patterson. 9/14/2009, SJ Sponsor

Autumnskye, LLC ~ Quality English springer spaniels bred for health, good temperament and natural hunting desire. The best hunting dog of your life awaits you at Autumnskye. ~ contact Loretta Baughan at

Ivanhoe Country Kennels - A breeding program based on the finest tradition of Springer Spaniels in North America and the United Kingdom. Contact Bill Cosgrove 5/2010, SJ Sponsor

J&L Boykins - The Boykin Spaniel is a highly versatile hunting dog with a big heart and light spirit. This little brown dog can truly be your best friend whether in the duck marsh, pheasant fields or by the home fires. Our dogs hunt in many sanctioned tournaments, running against many other breeds and prove their hunting ability. We have been breeding Boykins for over 25 years. For info on our dogs, upcoming litters or training tips, contact Jan or Larry Hinchman at 715.795.5251, 612.759.8139 or email or 3/2010, SJ Sponsor

Just Ducky Kennel - Boykin Spaniels, puppies and started dogs, five generations of HRC titled dogs - Quality in the Field and a Joy in the Home - Pam Kadlec, Edgefield, SC 803.637.2007 email: 7/2014, SJ Sponsor

Lighthouse Kennels - The best for you, the best for your dog. Jason & Michelle Givens or 920.348.6367 3/2011, SJ Sponsor

Olive Ridge Spaniels - At Olive Ridge Spaniels our goal is to produce a well bred, well rounded springer spaniel through selective breeding that focuses not only on working ability, but temperament and health. Our dogs are high energy, high paced spaniels bred from hunting champions for hunting homes. All breeding stock must not only pass health testing such as PennHip, CERF, and PFK testing, but also be proficient in the field. I believe that a good dog should be all that you'd ever want in a hunter and also be a good hunting companion. That is why our dogs are hard hunters in the field, but also have an even temperament to be part of your family. Advanced reservations recommended. Contact Justin Smith at 724-215-7020 or email at 6/19/2010, SJ Sponsor

Pemberley Field Spaniels - The home of Canada's top field spaniels in both conformation and in the field - contact Sonya Haskell at: 6/2009, SJ Sponsor

Pine Shadows - Orvis endorsed English Springer Spaniel Kennel in Brainerd, Minnesota - Mark and Sophie Haglin at 3/2014, SJ Sponsor

Roettger Ridge Kennels Training Cockers and Springers for hunting, Field Trials and Hunt Tests. - Puppies, Started and Finished Dogs Available - Importing Service - Tony & Bethann Roettger - email: - phone: 651.674.0431 11/2009, SJ Sponsor

In support and appreciation of the Spaniel Journal - Springer Creek Ranch and Wise River Spaniels 7/2009, SJ Sponsor

Strong Gundogs High Quality English Springer Spaniels - Working and Breeding the same line for 33 Years - email David Jones 9/2009, SJ Sponsor

Timberdoodle - Our English springer spaniels are ideal for field trial prospects, hunting and they make a great family pet. Puppies planned for summer 2009. Contact Glenn DeMott: 3/2009

Windrift English Springer Spaniels The goal of Windrift Kennel is to breed top quality personal gundogs. I import my breeding stock from the U.K. and Ireland. They are from the best trial and working bloodlines available today. I want a dog that is keen to hunt, will face any cover,and retrieve naturally to hand, with a sound mouth, on land and water. They are bred to work close, quarter naturally and have a strong desire to work with you. A dog that has drive and desire yet is very biddable, kind and easy to handle is a joy to hunt over. They are also great family members. I only breed one litter a year. Reservations will be taken in advance. 8/2009, SJ Sponsor

Woodhaven Kennels - Breeding, raising and training championship English springers and English cockers. Gundog training for all breeds. Tournament hunting preparation and training. Scott Young, 3721 183rd St., Russell, Kansas 67665 785-483-3758 12/2009, SJ Sponsor

Wrangham English Springer Spaniels - Quality English Springer Spaniels for Field and Retrieving - Rachel Greaves, Victoria Australia, email: 12/2009, SJ Sponsor

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